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Enable Google Analytics User-ID integration

Google Analytics User-ID integration is a single-click solution to help you find visits for specific users. This CUX feature extends recording search options allowing you to look for particular visits that caught your eye in Google analytics.

If you have User-ID feature enabled in your Google Analytics, flick the switch in CUX to get started. When Analytics User-ID integration is enabled, you can go to your recordings and find visits for specific users that Google has identified.

Before you begin

This integration works only with Google Analytics that has the User-ID feature enabled. This means that you have:

  • reviewed, accepted, and complied with the User-ID policy from Google,
  • set up User-ID in your tracking code,
  • created a User-ID reporting view. For more information, see Analytics help site.

Enabling Analytics integration

To enable Google Analytics integration, log in to CUX and go to Integrations. Find the Google Analytics User ID tile and enable integration.


Everything works in an instant. If you have activated the User-ID feature in Analytics, wait for some time until new recordings start and finish. As soon as the recordings are ready, you can inspect visits specific people paid to your site. Please note that it may take some time to have recordings for the sessions that Analytics combines and presents to you as unique visits.

To learn more about the User-ID feature, visit the Google support website.

Watching visits for specific users

To watch a visit for a particular user that Google Analytics labeled as unique.

  1. Click Open filters.
  2. Scroll to find Google Analytics User ID section in filters.
  3. Enter the Client ID you found in Google Analytics. You can find user IDs and the details for particular visits on the User Explorer report in Analytics.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. The visit list updates automatically showing all the visits a specific person paid to your pages.
  6. Click PLAY for each visit you want to examine in detail.

CUX x Google Analytics User-ID integration

If you are looking for a Google Analytics alternative, check “Why CUX?” section and its possibilities.