Discover what kills your sales

Analyzing users' behaviors and making improvements based on them helps to increase conversion almost immediately or prevent it from decreasing. Auto-selection of data that CUX performs allows you to save up to 5x time on the e-commerce analysis.

Tracking e-commerce purchase in CUX – how to start?

1. Set up a predefined “Purchase” Goal

A ready-made “Purchase” Goal will preselect for you all the visits which ended up with the purchase – for example, when users reached the ThankYou Page.

solution image

2. Add step or steps

Add as many steps as you like, but remember: Goals show you all visit that reached the final destination, no matter what happen on the way. You can select events from 4 categories, use xPaths or classes to set up your steps.

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3. Discover what kills your sales

Watch visits that end up with a purchase. Spot any users' drops and frustrations along the way. Act immediately and optimize conversion based on this data.

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4. Set up alerts

No need to waste your time binge-watching your data. Set up alerts regarding your Goal progress, and we’ll automatically notify you every time there will be any significant changes.

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Why you should analyze your e-commerce?

CUX lets you analyze customers' behavior and spot users' frustration at each step of the sales funnel.
CUX enables you to not only track conversion, but also conversion intentions.
You can create a detailed behavioral profile for both the target group and individual users.

E-commerce Analysis helped our clients achieve: