Make your marketing data-driven

The main goal of optimizing your marketing activities is to prevent unnecessary budget spending and to increase every significant metric like ROI or ROAS. In the U.S. alone, companies spent over $1.3 trillion yearly on marketing. 20% of that goes specifically on data-driven marketing. CUX supports data-driven marketing transformation.

How to track ​user frustration in CUX?

1. Grouped heatmaps

Grouping heatmaps after a specific URL will allow you to analyze the behavior of only those customers who came to your site from a specific source, e.g., a campaign link.

solution image

2. Filtering visits

You can filter the visits recordings using any parameters, e.g., traffic coming from social media, specific referrals or GTM events.

solution image

3. Conversion Waterfall

Build funnels for traffic coming from marketing campaign sources to see where your customers are encountering problems.

solution image

Marketing Optimization in CUX lets you:

recognize customers with the greatest sales potential
conduct a detailed analysis of which advertising content converts best
create accurate user behavioral profiles to understand clients' needs

CUX – a recognized MarTech solution:

Best Smart Data Marketing Startup
(I-COM Global Forum 2022)

CEE MarTech & AdTech Startup of the Month

Best MarTech Company
(MyCompany Magazine)