The best online customer journey web analytics software

If you have come so far as to actually map out your customer journey, kudos to you! But that doesn’t mean your job is done just yet. A well-optimized customer journey can be your window to developing a state-of-the-art Customer Experience for your business, but you need to remember that analytics is the foundation of a true long-term success.

Customer journey analytics – what is it all about?

Online customer journey analytics are all about making sure you are getting the most out of your Customer Experience strategy. Analyzing your customer journey will show you which stages of the journey perform well, and which need some tuning – or in other words – where conversion drops are the most significant.

A graphic showing an example of CUX’s Conversion Waterfall

If you run an online business, or your website is the main touchpoint between your business and your customers, you can take the fireworks out of the shed right now and start celebrating!

Why, you ask? Because analyzing the customer journey could not get any easier with the help of online customer journey analytics software. That’s something companies with a mainly offline presence can only dream about.

What are the advantages of using customer journey analytics software?

The potential that lies within having an accurately defined customer journey is immense, once you know how to fully harness it with the help of user journey analytics software.

The main benefits of using a customer journey analytics tool are:

  • The time you save – using an AI-powered analytics software will definitely save you an unprecedented amount of time you’d otherwise have to spend on manual analytics.

  • The quality of data you receive – with the technological advancements within data analytics, automated data capturing ensures that no data inputs your customers leave interacting with your website go unnoticed.

  • The accuracy of your insights – operating on large datasets is bound to involve human error and omission. High-performing customer journey analytics tools will connect the dots between customer data inputs and reward you with valuable insights necessary for further optimization.

A graphic describing the benefits of customer journey analytics software.

What is the best customer journey analytics software is the only UX and Analytics Automation tool, and it holds the power to revolutionize the way you work with your customer behavior data. With an overall score of 9.5 in ease of use, CUX makes customer journey analytics simple and straightforward.

Conversion Waterfalls

The main tool that will help you thoroughly analyze your customer journey are the Conversion Waterfalls. Conversion Waterfalls are nothing more than a reflection of the sales funnel, or the journey your customers take leading to conversion.

CUX makes it extra easy for you to create robust Conversion Waterfalls, taking into consideration any on-site activities your customers perform.

A graphic showing the process of creating a custom Conversion Waterfall in CUX.

Once your Conversion Waterfall is developed, it will begin to gather data about your customers’ visits, and show you exactly which stages of the funnel need some tinkering with.

Your main focus should be the places of significant conversion drops, because that’s where your conversion blockers hide.

A graphic showing CUX’s Conversion Waterfall presenting a customer journey from the homepage to checkout.

Here, yet again, CUX comes through as the crème de la crème of customer journey analytics tools – because along each stage of the customer journey you can see a list of visit recordings of your customers’ visits. Now you have gotten your hands on the insight into the exact way your customer has interacted with your website, leading them to either converting to the next stage, or dropping out of the funnel.

To make the matters even better, CUX can recognize, detect and define the behavioral patterns of your users by itself, and show you how those experiences influence UX regarding your business goals.

A graphic showing the Experience Metrics dashboard in CUX, with emphasis on the rage click metric.

Is CUX the best customer journey analytics software for me?

Still not convinced if is the best customer journey analytics software for your company? That’s totally understandable! Even Lamborghinis are taken on test drives, so it’s only natural to want to request a demo of the software that can soon transform your customer journey web analytics forever.