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understand the human behind the screen.

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Uncover total user experience:
see conversionwatch visits recordings use quick wins to get the job done

Heatmaps - picture of the hottest spots on your website

Pixel perfect picture of the hottest spots on your website for ALL devices and resolutions.

URLs group based

See how users move not only through the page itself, but also through groups of identically designed pages or categories.
Analyze easily how people buy different products in your e-commerce or how they read different types of articles on your blog.

For all devices and resolutions

Filter heatmaps not only for desktop/mobile devices, but also for all wearable and embeddable ones. Be ready to design for the specific user segment.

Real-time preview & Recordings

Playback of every click, scroll, zoom, mouse movement and tab visitors ever opened.

Complete user journey

Users love to open many tabs. See when they compared products or opened articles to read them later. Don't loose the track anymore.

Visits preview in real time

With CUX you can solve the issues instantly. Don't waste your time on waiting for data aggregation.

Playback recordings

CUX records up to 100% visits, no retention time. Watch them any time you need.

User recording - playback of every click, scroll, zoom, mouse movement and tab visitors ever opened
Conversion rate - funnels based on events, urls and combined with recordings
Conversion waterfall

Conversion rate based on page loads, events and combined with visit recordings.

Every event matters

Conversion is not only URL based anymore. Analyze every single action no matter if it is click, scroll, input fill or form submit. Precisely identify the issues on every user step.

Auto-capture events

No more engaging developers. CUX capture all events automatically. Codelessly set up any user journey and see how they convert.

Reasons for drop out

Watch filtered recordings to understand why people drop out at each step of journey.