There are humans behind the screen.
We will let you know them!


How users interact with your website? CUX gives you possibility to see what are they doing in real time.

Observe users on every step of project life cycle. Follow theirs steps and know the points that work or have to be changed. See more


CUX focuses on the whole context of using web browsers by people. You’ll get the statistics about what really matters if it come to customer understanding.

If you need any support with analysis we will be happy to help you out! Read more


You can continuously test and improve your product and make data driven decisions.

Improving your product and making it easier for users will make them happier and satisfied, moreover, will help to increase your revenue. Know more

Tested by:

Using you can test your product on every life cycle stage

  • discovering the customers needs

    Observe users on a current version of your website. Empathize with them. Pay attention to user journeys, what they see and what they are blind to. Identify easy accessible parts and bottlenecks.

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  • architecture designing

    Based on observations you can make decisions faster. Prepare architecture in the way how users use to walk. Isn’t it architects dream to design something easily accessible for all users?

  • prototyping

    Test your prototypes before it goes to developers. Early identified issues may lower costs and time. Let your developers be more relaxed and they will make your customers happier.

    How much can I save?
  • graphic designing

    Based on data you can design a product everyone want to use. Emphasis elements that were hidden, move action items to points where users spends more time.

  • testing

    Test your product before publication and avoid false start. Be sure that it’s useful for the users. Early identified issues may lower costs and time.

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  • product launching

    Continuously observe users. Check what they are doing, how looks their journeys. Test and validate new idea and improvements.

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Our experience is a mixture of programmer and consumer researcher knowledge. What else do you need to understand online users? We provide SaaS, but to be honest we’re aware that app, metrics and statistics are not enough to know your customers better. That’s why we offer our knowledge to support you on the path to creating awesome human experience. UX research is not so scary if you know where to find and how to read the data.

Did you know that UX research is a big challenge even for UX specialists?

for 53% of enterprise UX people user testing is second top challange at work (after Improving UX consistency - 59%)


only 20% of UX people is always confident that the research they are conducting is answering their questions in a reliable and actionable way


We are delighted to share our experience with you! for dummies

  • squeeze CUX capabilities like a lemon
  • be sure when to use it
  • be ready to play with the data

Reading data 101

  • transform blurry numbers into customer insights
  • choose the most useful tools
  • use the data you truly need
  • don’t be afraid of making data-driven decisions

To be a HX hero

  • analyze the data you’ve got in
  • combine them with other sources
  • make data driven decisions
  • make customers happier
  • be a hero in your company

Solution design in practise

  • let us know your company better and make an UX audit for you
  • let’s play with data together
  • make a portrait of your customers
  • know what your customers want before they do
  • improve your product / create new solutions for your business
  • get a report with and recommendations from us

We are in early access stage!

That’s why we don’t have fixed prices yet. We appreciate if you want to be a part of our project in some way and help us improve CUX. In return we’ll offer you special price tailored to your needs.

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