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Quick Wins #1 – Form validation

Kamila Kotowska


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The topic of analyzing forms – validating errors, designing checkboxes, avoiding popular mishaps – has already been widely covered. Unfortunately, despite the huge access to valuable reading, we’re dealing with form errors that result in customers’ decrease in conversion repeatedly. And this is what the first case of our Quick Wins series will be about. Enjoy & implement!

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Form validation errors
Quick win

Forms are ideal analytical examples. They illustrate the fact that often only by looking at our product through the eyes of the users we’ll be able to make a quick, effective and error-free assessment of the situation. Our client from the e-commerce sector has to found out about it the hard way.

Form validation errors

The form validation message below seems to be correct – the fields marked in red need to be filled in. However, it quickly turned out that the validation itself generated basic problems. It made users abandon carts without completing the purchasing process.

Form validation

The form red-highlights the fields that must be completed

The situation appeared to be even more complicated. The errors in the form no longer applied to specific blank fields, but to unmarked checkboxes. Recordings of users’ visits clearly showed us the problem – consternation! Because the text that appeared under the checkbox was hardly visible – and of course in small red font – bewildered users, not seeing the place of the error, repeatedly and angrily clicked on the red text on the right.

Form validation mistakes

Unable to see the small error validation text under the checkbox, users clicked on the red text on the right side of the page

Quick win

Cosmetic change

Only analytical tool focusing on the overview of user behavior patterns will be able to catch the “chaotic movements” indicator. It’s an evidence of a user being lost on the website (which in this case jumped from 0 to as much as 17%!). The introduction of cosmetic change on the form page, captured thanks to the analysis of recordings, results in even more than 20% increase in customer conversion!

Quick win – a solution that immediately eliminates the consumer’s problem – in this case was the introduction of small visual corrections on the form page. Changing the colors of individual fonts, emphasizing the need to check certain checkboxes. Thanks to quick wins, the client was able to quickly spot the problem and address it before the conversion rate would drop irreversibly.

QUICK WINS are quick solutions that immediately respond to the needs of your online consumers. Deployments do not require significant resources, implementing takes up to maximum 60 days. Although most implementations can be carried right then and there. Quick wins are based on the constant observation of analytics metrics and customers’ behaviors. Thanks to analytics, we’re able to choose the right solutions that allow us to make business decisions based on data, and not on the intuitions or stakeholders’ wishes.

Quick wins in brief:

  • do not require expenses (or generate only small costs)
  • carry a low risk,
  • easily accepted by business,
  • recognized on the basis of data,
  • results warranted,
  • improvements can be implemented in max. 60-90 days,
  • the project team can implement them autonomously.


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