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Data security standards in CUX

Data storage

All data is hosted within the EU territory.

Data encryption

Data to and from CUX’s servers is encrypted in transit.

Masking of sensitive data

The exclusion of the indicated sensitive data (such as customer contact details) takes place at the stage of the user’s browser. You can hide sensitive data from our analytical scripts BEFORE sending them to our servers using CSS class cux-excludeclass.

Client-side script hosting

This option is available for enterprise clients only!

Client-side scripting (embedded scripts) is code that exists inside the client’s HTML page. The main benefits of client-side scripting are:

  • Greater control over the way data is collected; full control over the CUX publishing cycle.
  • Avoidance of blocking and excluding the analytical script by tools such as AdBlock.
  • The user’s actions will result in an immediate response because they don’t require a trip to the server.

Open code

We provide access to the source code of the data collecting scripts.