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Adding team members to CUX

Only the Organization Admin can invite team members to Organization and Projects! To see team member permissions, go to: Account Settings > Organization > Team members.

To add a team member to CUX:

  1. Go to Account Settings (left column on the dashboard).
  2. Select Organization.
  3. Go to Team members and click Send invitation.
  4. Then – if you are an Organization Admin – you’ll be able to type the e-mail address of a team member you want to add.

Screenshot-2021-08-05-at-12.19.17-700x439.png Once the invite is sent, the new team member will show up on your Organization’s team member list.

Receiving an invitation to CUX:

If the admin of the organization in CUX adds you to co-create projects, an invitation will come to your inbox. All you need to do to join the organization is to click on the activation link. Screenshot-2021-08-05-at-12.20.09-700x394.png

What if my team member doesn’t receive the invite?

If your team member does not receive the invite to their inbox, have them check the following:

  1. Ensure that the invite wasn’t misrouted to a different folder (e.g. SPAM).
  2. If the recipient is your co-worker with a company e-mail account (e.g. name@company.com), have the company’s IT team allow any email messages coming from @cux.io.

Types of roles & access in CUX:

  • Admin -- supervision over the organization and projects, -- adding and removing users, -- adding and removing projects.
  • User -- handling projects within the organization.