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Building a conversion Waterfall

If you’re looking for a more general description of what is CUX Waterfall, see What is a Waterfall?.

Before you begin

  1. Define the goal for your Waterfall. It’s best to have a single goal for each of your Waterfalls. If you’re not sure where to start, think of form submissions, shopping process, new account registration, etc.
  2. When you build a Waterfall, you may need a bit of technical knowledge. We’ve tried to make the process easy and also prepared supplementary manuals for you. When you get lost, let us know on chat, we’re there to help.

To create a Waterfall in one of the best conversion rate optimization tools:

  1. Go to the Waterfalls page.
  2. Click Create new. This starts the Waterfall creation process.


  1. Begin with a name (and description). Enter a meaningful name so that you can later find the Waterfall you need. The description is optional.


  1. Add a step. A Waterfall step is a single visitor action. You can create Waterfalls that consist of 2 or 3 steps. You can also build a complex one with more steps. There is no technical limit to the number of steps. 4.1. Enter a step name. You will see it later when the Waterfall is ready. Try to use a name that reflects an action you want your visitors to take. 4.2. Select an event and define its parameters. You can select events from 3 categories: events related to web traffic (page load or visit origin), user movement on the page (click or scroll), and user interaction with a form (entering data, changing data, submissions). To learn more about event types and their function, see Waterfall events.


Note that, for some types of events that represent user interaction with your page element, you need to enter those elements’ XPath. CUX has a built-in mechanism to make the process smoother. To learn more about XPath, see XPath extraction.

  1. Optionally repeat adding and configuring steps until you’ve mirrored the entire sequence of actions that match the Waterfall goal.

That’s all. You’re all set! Time to inspect how the chart looks.

Next steps

You don’t have to wait for new data to be gathered. Waterfalls work with data that has already been collected. Waterfalls work in real-time, so if the traffic on your site is pretty heavy, the results shown can change every few minutes.

Have a look at How do I read a Waterfall to make sure you know how to make the most of your Waterfall. See how to learn about quick wins Waterfalls can uncover for you.

Note also that deleting or editing an existing Waterfall does not affect the availability of the data in the CUX database. Feel free to experiment, adjust, and play with as many Waterfalls as you wish.

How to build a conversion Waterfall in CUX