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Business trends for 2022
December 23, 2021

2022 trends: data-driven business

What trends await us in business in 2022? Business experts write about their data-driven predictions for 2022, and the trends to follow. In 2022, implement a data-driven culture into your business and gain further success in your industry. Being data-driven means being smarter and ready for long-term development Paulina Walkowiak, co-founder & CEO at CUX… Read more

Marketing trends for 2022
December 16, 2021

2022 trends: data-driven marketing

What trends in data-driven marketing are ahead of us in 2022? We asked experts about their predictions for 2022 in terms of marketing activities. What can you do to make your marketing more data-driven? Why should marketing campaigns in 2022 be based on data analytics? What tools should you use to be successful? Read the… Read more

Trends e-commerce 2022
December 10, 2021

2022 trends: data driven e-commerce

What trends await us in data driven e-commerce in 2022? We’ve asked experts for their 2022 predictions for online shops. How to make your e-commerce more data driven? How to build the best customer experience? What can we do to increase e-commerce conversions? Read the 2022 data driven trends predictions from our e-commerce experts! Implement… Read more