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From data-driven webinar to building an analytical strategy - The Prisjakt case [FREE UX CASE STUDIES E-BOOK]

From a custom webinar to the use of UX Automation on an internal analytical strategy to build a Content Visibility Strategy.

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Webinar: Developing a data-driven culture


Workshop: Building analytical strategy


Building Content Visibility Strategy


From webinar to close collaboration

From a custom webinar to the use of UX Automation on an internal analytical strategy to build a Content Visibility Strategy. Find out how Prisjakt, a Swedish comparison engine, turned into a data-driven organization, and how quickly they implemented CUX into their project, delivering it ready before the deadline.

In June 2021, Paulina Walkowiak – CEO of cux.io – was invited by the Swedish brand Prisjakt to run a webinar about data-driven organizations. Finally, the conclusions from the webinar turned into cooperation on the analysis and improvement of their business core – price comparison.

Timeline of work on the Prisjakt case

Work timeline – from data-driven webinar to internal analytical strategy

Webinar: Developing a data-driven culture

During a webinar for Prisjakt, Paulina explained how to introduce and develop a data-driven culture. Moreover, how important it is to constantly learn and look for new ways to manage and use data. Intrigued by the data-driven concept, Prisjakt decided to explore the topic even further. A custom webinar turned out into a dedicated workshop. It focused on building an internal analytical strategy and defining meaningful KPIs.

Paulina helped us with analyzing the data and explained which metrics can be significant. She gave us many tips and ideas on where to focus now and in the future. With CUX implemented, we were able to find issues and users’ pain points quickly and efficiently. The whole process was pleasant and intuitive, thus it gave a lot of satisfaction.

- Kinga Słabowska, Content Development Specialist at Prisjakt

Data-Driven Businesses 2022

source: https://blogs.gartner.com/andrew_white/2019/01/03/our-top-data-and-analytics-predicts-for-2019/

Workshop: Building analytical strategy

The personalized workshop agenda aimed to help the content team use data more effectively. In fact, the goal was to apply an analytics strategy in their department. Hence, a 30-person team, divided into 2 groups, worked together on common tasks for 2 days. The tasks included:

  • defining business and analytical Goals,
  • searching for the most effective KPIs and metrics,
  • building the company’s analytics stack and qualitative data.

In conclusion, teams identified the most business-relevant touchpoints in the user journey. They’ve built data-driven dashboards. Therefore, this allowed them to better understand user behavior. Photo of workshop with Paulina Walkowiak

Data-driven design workshop which Paulina Walkowiak conducted for the Prisjakt team

Building Content Visibility Strategy

Prisjakt’s main goal was to define user scenarios in one segment. This was in order to automate the process for every other product segment. Also, to create KPIs and metrics to help monitor content’s effectiveness for each user group in real-time. They’ve decided to use UX automation to map users’ reality, instead of relying on classic methods and defining the strategy hypothetically.

The webinar and workshop arrived at the perfect time to use this knowledge in an internal Content Visibility Strategy project. To support the project with user-related data, CUX was implemented within the organization. As always, the GDPR-issues were to be addressed beforehand.

It took Prisjakt over a month to establish a GDPR-secure process. We also had to make sure that all sensitive data that users can insert on our page will be hidden and excluded from scanning in CUX. A couple of improvements in Prisjakt’s code ended with securing this aspect as well.

- Natalia Sroka, Content Development Specialist at Prisjakt

With technicalities resolved, there were still a few matters to settle. It needed to be established whether CUX’s data would be consistent with what Prisjakt gathered so far. And, most importantly, if CUX would help detect pain points during the user’s journey. Issues that proved to be unfounded.

CUX security implementation info

CUX security implementation info

A protracted legal work, left the team with limited time to complete the project. Working with Paulina Walkowiak as a consultant and implementing CUX proved crucial in meeting the deadline. Therefore, the project, estimated to take a month, was completed in one week. On the whole, the team was able to present insights and conclusions from their work with CUX on the Content Visibility Strategy at the Demo Day to the stakeholders. Thanks to the usage of CUX, previously overlooked user pain points have been uncovered. Moreover, it was possible to define a user persona based not only on demographics but also on behavioral data. Parts of the user journey that relate to other segments were defined. As a result, it was possible to divide the analytical flow.

Consequently, behavioral analytics has proven to be the missing piece of data for internal metrics that focus on the product dimension of their business.

From webinar to close collaboration

Paulina Walkowiak working with Prisjakt team

A personalized webinar and workshop with Paulina Walkowiak lead to building an internal analytical strategy.

Both a webinar and workshops conducted by Paulina Walkowiak, CUX’s CEO, showed Prisjakt how valuable it is to develop a data-driven culture within an organization. The implementation of CUX and Paulina’s support resulted in close companies’ cooperation. Not only did it allow the Swedish brand to grow faster and more efficiently. It also helped to implement CUX in the Polish department. What is more, it can be now integrated into the whole analytical strategy.

Our entire journey – from webinar to working with CUX – was filled with unpredictable twists. The team’s determination implementing what we’ve learned and introducing it into the company yielded great results. On this path, Paulina was a mentor, and CUX was a tool to get to know our users better. For now, we’re still measuring and analyzing results, but one thing is certain – its effects are an added value for our company and its users.

- Katarzyna Golonka-Gawęda, Content Indexing Specialist at Prisjakt


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A premier Swedish shopping comparison engine. As one of the world’s best price and product comparison services, Prisjakt guides thousands of consumers to smarter purchases every day.



Paulina Walkowiak, co-founder & CEO at CUX

Paulina’s the only specialist in the analysis of behavior patterns in CEE. She helps companies translate knowledge about users into specific business decisions. Paulina supports companies in building a data-driven culture and conducts user behaviour audits as a starting point for building market advantage in products. She’s the author of product analytics workshops “Data-driven design”, speaker at TEDx, and academic lecturer. Paulina has been featured twice in the Strong Women in IT 2019 and 2021 reports. In 2021, she and her husband receive a polish award for 50 Most Creative People in Business. One of Brief magazine’s 50 Creatives in Business. As a mom of two, she proudly calls herself Mompreneur.

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