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From insight to impact: T-Mobile's 68% overnight conversion surge

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a top priority for e-commerce managers. T-Mobile, a leading mobile operator in Poland, faced a sudden drop in conversion rates during a campaign. Leveraging the power of analytics and CUX, they were able to identify the issue, make data-driven decisions, and swiftly restore their conversion rates.







Scope of Work

Conversion rate optimization

Understanding Conversion Rate: Conversion rate (CVR) is the ratio of conversions to the total number of visitors, expressed as a percentage. It's a crucial metric that indicates the effectiveness of a website's user experience and sales funnel.


During a campaign, T-Mobile experienced an unexpected decline in conversion rates. Visitors were proceeding from the landing page to the next step but were abandoning the process at the shopping cart stage, resulting in a significant drop in conversion rates.

T-mobile conversion drop

T-mobile conversion drop

The main aim was clear: figure out why this was happening, enhance the customer jurney and bolster conversion rates to restore campaign success.

mobile summary case study

Scope of work

T-Mobile used CUX's to deeply analyze user behavior and pinpoint the root cause of the sudden conversion drop. By studying Visit Recordings, they observed the exact actions of users who added items to their carts but failed to complete the purchase.


Visit Recordings revealed a critical discrepancy between the offer presented on the landing page and the offer displayed after adding items to the cart. The pricing of the device and the internet package had changed, leading users to abandon their purchases due to the inconsistency.

T-mobile offer view

T-mobile offer view
T-mobile cart view
T-mobile cart view

CUX and Google Tag Manager Integration

Such efficient issue detection was possible thanks to the integration of CUX with Google Tag Manager. The integration provided T-Mobile with a comprehensive view of both quantitative and qualitative data.

cud google tag manager integration
While Google Analytics gave T-Mobile team some hints, the real magic happened when qualitative and quantitative insights blended together. All the data and events from the data layer flowed seamlessly into cux.io. And with a sprinkle of simplicity, using filters based on names and categories, the T-mobile team could pluck out the exact recordings they were after. It's like searching for buried treasure and finding it on the first try.

Ready to dive in? Create a free CUX account, and integrate it with GTM.


By leveraging CUX's analytics and insights, T-Mobile was able to:

  • Swiftly identify and resolve the inconsistency issue.
  • Align the offer presentation across the user journey.
  • Restore their conversion rates to desired levels.

Future-proof conversion rates with Conversion Waterfalls

In the realm of CRO, Conversion Waterfalls emerge as a dynamic force within CUX, offering a vivid visual chronicle of user interactions, sequentially unfolding their journey.

Every step within a Waterfall reflects a user's move, and the succession of these steps crafts a storyline for you to follow. User behavior rarely sticks to a straight line; it frequently takes twists and turns that can seem random or unexpected. This is where Waterfalls become your guiding compass for analysis, helping you decode the puzzle of how users react to particular actions. This thoughtful strategy helps you proactively address situations like the one T-Mobile faced.

For instance, picture a Conversion Waterfall: Homepage > Product Category > Product Page > Cart > Checkout > Order Confirmation.

conversion drops

Waterfall - Conversion Drop

By mapping out a sequence of actions you can see on which stage the users drop out and immediately identify their issues like broken links or graphics that remind them of call-to-action.

In a nutshell, Conversion Waterfalls become your guardians of conversion rates, guiding you to understand user stories, foresee challenges, and and fortify your digital landscape against unexpected surprises.


The T-Mobile case exemplifies the power of analytics in tackling conversion rate challenges. By utilizing CUX's Visit Recordings and Google Tag Manager integration, T-Mobile achieved a data-driven solution that not only addressed the immediate issue but also enhanced their overall user experience. This case underscores the importance of combining quantitative and qualitative data analysis to make informed business decisions and achieve significant improvements in conversion rates.

Curious for more? For an in-depth exploration of this case study and a deeper understanding of conversion rate, feel free to visit our detailed blog post.

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