How to boost your conversion rate using analytics as a daily routine – The T-Mobile Case

| February 18, 2020

Conversion rate – the main metric monitored by every e-commerce manager. When it grows – we celebrate, when it falls – we want to know why. However, numbers alone will never help us solve the problem – they can show us the drop-offs, but without proper analysis, they do not tell us why the drop happened. The reasons for the conversion’s decrease vary- just like our users. So, how can we find a tailor-made solution?


T-Mobile. One of the largest mobile operators in Poland, with over 12 million customers, offering mobile and fixed services to both private customers and business clients.  Sure, they owe a large portion of their success to huge marketing campaigns. But it’s analytics that gives them the advantage. Daily examination of gathered data and key indicators allows for verifying business decisions and increasing response time.

During one of T-Mobile’s campaigns, the level of conversion suddenly dropped. Customers eagerly moved from the landing page to the next step, but—for some reason—wouldn’t go a single step further. They were quitting the shopping cart/exiting at the shopping cart stage, causing the campaign’s level of conversion to drop drastically.

T-mobile conversion drop

The situation was detected by T-Mobile employees at a daily analytical meeting, however, before any decision-making, they decided to use CUX and go through the quitting customers’ visits – of exactly those people who added to the cart but did not convert.  After watching several recordings, the situation cleared up. The offer people had seen directly on the landing page differed from what they saw after adding it to the cart.  The price of the device was different, the internet package was different and this led them to give up their purchase and leave the operator’s website. Thanks to the visit recordings, T-Mobile easily detected the problem users were facing, and the cause of the sudden drop. They could immediately make the appropriate changes and implement quick-wins to save both, the campaign and the conversion.

T-mobile offer view T=mobile cart view

Such efficient problem detection was possible thanks to the integration of our tool with Google Tag Manager. The numbers, which are usually seen in Google Analytics, analyzed separately from the recordings, do not always quickly and clearly bring the answers.  Some hypotheses can be made based on GA, but GA alone does not allow you to make good business decisions with a clear conscience. Integration with GTM brings qualitative and quantitative analysis as close together as possible. We capture all the data from the site and all the events from the data layer to CUX, where, thanks to simple filtering by names and categories, you can search for specific recordings.

Looking at such selected events, we can define the cause of the error and – as in the case of T-Mobile – quickly make a decision to return to the desired level of conversion.

Start to use GTM integration and be smart as T-Mobile specialist.


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