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Tracking individual user activity on a website

If you are interested in the context of a single customer, or you want to follow the exact customer journey of a specific user, you can track the history of their behavior. 

How do I track individual user activity on a website with CUX?

You can filter visits for individual users in two ways.

  1. Log into your CUX account. 
  2. Go to Visits and select a user’s visit you would like to play. 
  3. If this user has paid other visits to your sites, you’ll see this info displayed below the visit info on the left.

    User visited site multiple times

    If a user has visited your site a few times, you can see the number and list of recordings of his/her visits.

  4. Click the button to see a list of all visits’ recordings of a given user.

    Visit recordings filtered by user-id

    Visits for a single user are filtered by their User-ID.


  1. Log into your CUX account.
  2. Go to Visits.
  3. Click Open Filters. 
  4. Find the “Previous Visits” parameter and set the values that interest you.
  5. Select the visit you want to watch from the list.
  6. On the left, you should see info on how many other visits this user paid to your website. Click the button to see a list of all visits’ recordings of a given user.
filtering visit recordings by the number of previous visits

You can filter the list of recordings yourself to see only those whose users have returned to the site several times. Choose “Equals”, “Less than” or “Greater than” and enter the value you are interested in.

Why is tracking the number of visits per user useful?

  • You can thoroughly examine the context of a single user’s customer journey.
  • Facilitate users segmentation due to their behavior leading to the achievement of the given goal.
  • You’ll be able to create an exact behavioral profile of users.
  • It helps you track real cart abandonment (e.g. your clients may need 3-4 visits before making a purchase, so there is absolutely no need for you to pour money down the drain and set retargeting campaigns).

How to track the behavior of an individual user using different devices?

Do your customers visit your website from different devices? Do they browse products on mobile or smart TV, and make purchases on computers and tablets? There is a way to track the activity of a single user who is interacting with your website on different devices.

Multiple visits by individual user in CUX

CUX will assign all visits to one user, if he/she is logged into your website on different devices.

IF a user on each of these devices is logged into his/her account on your website, CUX will be able to combine all these visits – coming from different devices – into one list. You’ll see them displayed as visits of a single user. 


  • We store your visit recordings for individual users, depending on the retention time of your project (how long you’ve set for us to keep your data).
  • If the user accesses your website on several devices (e.g. mobile and desktop) and is not logged into your website – you will see his/her visits as visits of several users.
  • You won’t see everyone’s visits. CUX doesn’t record ALL visits to your site. We sample traffic to be representative of your goals.

How do I know the user experience on my website isn’t good?

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