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Agency Certification Program with Beeffective

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Scope of work




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The Beeffective agency has set itself one ambitious goal: use analytics to gain a broader perspective of users' activities and thus increase the effectiveness of marketing activities offered to their clients. For this purpose, they decided to implement a qualitative analysis tool (cux.io), which would support and complement the “hard data” from Google Analytics. They wanted to add to their analytics offer a necessary element: the ability to understand the customer's digital experience. Getting into the situation, stepping into their shoes and, above all, understanding their motivations leading to increasing conversions. It all was possible with CUX Certified Agency Program.


Digital Marketing





Scope of Work

Understanding users’ behaviors; marketing campaign


Analyze customer journey on the website

The real shopping journey of customers rarely coincide with projects or assumptions. The agency knew that. To map accurate conversion paths, they set analytics goals, looked at recurring behavioral patterns, and based on them, created Waterfalls (funnels) mapping customer journeys.

Understanding users' behaviors on the home page

For e-commerce, the home page is as important as the checkout page. In the vast majority, it is on the home page that the largest percentage of traffic drops off. In order to optimize the operation of this website, the agency looked closely at the behaviors, frustrations, and problems encountered by customers.

Analysis of user behavior on the most critical customer journey.

As part of the mentoring, the agency determined the most critical point of contact between users and their client's website: the shopping path they follow after adding a product to the cart. The analysis of motivations and experiences for these paths was a key element of the optimization activities proposed by the agency.

Scope of work

Beeffective Agency has undergone a full certification process, which included:

  • Marketing and Analytical Onboarding (Analytical training in using the tool, setting analytics, working with Goals and Waterfalls, reading heatmaps and analyzing Experience Metrics).
  • Mentoring (Mentoring meetings during which the agency worked on real clients' projects. Together with the mentors, they draw conclusions and insights and assess the effectiveness of actions and implementation in projects of selected clients).

Work with the Beeffective agency began with the creation of the CONVO analysis, discussing the client's needs, and presenting the possibilities of the CUX. We expanded the implementation of the tool by learning how to set analytical goals, building Waterfalls and analyzing users' digital experiences. During the entire mentoring process, CUX experts provided full support in analyzing and extracting insights based on their experience in similar projects.


1. Discovered pain points on customer journeys

Behavioral analysis made it possible to discover the problems that e-commerce customers encountered on the customer journey, which resulted in lower conversions. Difficulties occurred both for customers visiting the website from desktops and mobile.

2. Completion of quantitative data

The issues discovered through the analysis of digital experiences were also confronted with “hard numbers” from Google Analytics. The GA results had previously signalled potential threats, but a “big picture” from qualitative data and user recordings was needed to confirm them. Thanks to the possibility of delving into this case, Beeffective was able to compare whether similar problems also occur at the competition.

3. User behavioral analysis

The analysis of visit recordings and heatmap presenting the experiences of current customers made it possible to create their behavioral profiles. The agency was able to describe the situation that took place on the client's website and suggest appropriate solutions and improvements.

The future

Beeffective forwarded the list of problems diagnosed during mentoring along with optimization activities to the IT department of its e-commerce client. After implementing the recommendations on the paths and on the website, they plan to further analyze qualitative data and verify the quality and effectiveness of the changes introduced.

Client’s Testimonial

It is hard to put into words how much valuable knowledge we have learned from mentoring with CUX. From the first meeting, we felt that it would be a great, productive cooperation. Getting to know the qualitative analysis tool brought us to a higher level of performance marketing and UX. A tandem of analytical tools (qualitative + quantitative) is a must-have for analysts. Data is knowledge, and knowledge is a competitive advantage. With CUX, we can take this advantage.

Pawel Ciosk, Perfromance Marketing Manager at Beeffective, mentee of CUX Certification Program

Final Checklist

  • CUX analysis is based on users' visits (rather than individual sessions), thus giving you the complete picture of users' behaviors.
  • The REAL customer's perspective helps increase overall conversion of the funnel, not only of its last steps.
  • Agency Certification is our proprietary program, which is a confirmation of the agency's innovative approach to behavioral qualitative analytics and its ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
  • The certification is a confirmation of the training and mentoring of agency employees under the supervision of CUX specialists.

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