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5x higher ROAS: Driving revenue through data-driven remarketing

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In the bustling world of e-commerce, understanding customers' journey takes center stage. Our client, a well-known name in the clothing industry, recognized the need to gain a deeper knowledge about customers' behavior on their website. Their goal wasn't just understanding but optimizing customer engagement, ultimately driving sales growth. CUX played a pivotal role by providing the data foundation, enabling the client to craft the perfect remarketing scenario.







Scope of Work

Understanding users’ behaviors; Optimizing customer engagement


  • Gain an in-depth understanding of customer behaviors and the journey leading to conversions.
  • Elevate ROAS by optimizing advertising strategies.
  • Boost sales by tailoring the approach to customer engagement.


tatuum case study summary

With the implementation of CUX, our client’s approach to analyzing customer behavior underwent a transformative shift. Through a combination of visit recordings and heatmaps, they were able to visually dissect and comprehend the entire customer journey. This granular insight enabled them to make informed decisions, shaping their strategies in ways that were previously unattainable.

Key insights emerged from this analysis:

  • On average, users embarked on a journey of three visits before sealing the deal - a discovery that became central to the optimization strategy.
  • Purchase intent matured late in the customer journey, just as users reached for their virtual wallets. This insight crystallized the importance of the final leg in the conversion pathway.
  • The source of this behavior was traced to customer loyalty. The cart served as a wishlist, with users adding items for future consideration before returning to complete the purchase.
  • A notable finding was that a significant 8% of customers who completed purchases initially engaged with the internal site search.


Armed with behavioral insights gleaned from CUX, our client’s marketing team devised a precise remarketing strategy. Leveraging the power of data, they crafted targeted campaigns directed at users who had visited the website at least thrice. The advertising content was aligned with the search terms these potential customers had used, creating a seamless and personalized experience.


  • Customer engagement and interaction with the brand surged, as the tailored approach resonated with users.
  • ROAS witnessed a remarkable 5x increase, as advertising efforts were concentrated on prospects more likely to convert.
  • Wasted ad spend was significantly reduced, contributing to a more efficient allocation of resources.

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