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Introducing our new pricing model – tailored to your business needs

We're excited to announce a significant update to our pricing structure, designed to better align with your diverse needs.

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Updated Subscription Tiers: Business, Business Plus and Enterprise


Flexible Add-Ons: Extra Toppings 🍕 to your Subscription


Pay Your Way – Monthly or Yearly


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We're excited to announce a significant update to our pricing structure, designed to better align with your diverse needs. Our goal is to provide more flexibility and value, ensuring you get exactly what you need from our services.

Updated Subscription Tiers: Business, Business Plus and Enterprise

Our new pricing structure offers three packages: Business, Business Plus and Enterprise. These tiers are crafted to cater to different scales and types of businesses, ensuring everyone finds exactly what they need. Whether you're a startup or a big player, we've got just the right fit for you.

Business: "Fly Solo" into the World of Behavioral Analytics

Perfect for individuals or the growing teams out there. You get all the essentials:

  • 1 Seat: Ideal for focused, individual use.
  • 1 Project: Manage and analyze a single project efficiently.
  • Up to 250,000 page views monthly: Capture a significant amount of user interaction data.
  • 1 Month Historical Data: Look back and analyze trends with one month of historical data access.
  • 2 Goals & 2 Waterfalls: Set specific objectives and track performance.
  • Simple AI Insights: Leverage AI for deep analytical understanding.

Business Package is your key to unlocking the power of behavioral analytics with essential, user-friendly features.

Business Plus: Team Up and Get Hands-on Support

Designed for medium-sized and growing businesses, the Business Plus package is your gateway to an advanced analytical world. It includes:

  • 5+ Seats: Collaborate effectively with a small team.
  • 1+ Projects: Handle more projects with higher traffic capacity.
  • 250,000+ page views per month: Delve into a deeper analysis with an increased data recording capacity.
  • 1+ Months Historical Data: Enhance your strategic planning with access to an extensive archive of over a month's historical data.
  • Unlimited Goals & Waterfalls: Set and track endless objectives without restrictions.
  • Simple Weekly Reports: Receive straightforward, insightful reports weekly to keep your team ahead of the curve.
  • Smart Alerts: Stay proactive with automated alerts that keep you informed about key changes and trends.
  • Advanced Data Masking: Safeguard sensitive data with robust protection, ensuring privacy while you gain valuable insights.
  • 1 Hour Monthly Support: Benefit from direct human-to-human support for optimal platform use.
  • 1 Hour of Technical Onboarding: Meet with our Support Tech Team for smooth setup and account configuration.

Business Plus package provides a comprehensive set of features for deeper analysis and teamwork, enhanced by personalized AI support and straightforward reporting.

Enterprise: Tailor-Made Solutions for Big Players

The Enterprise package is crafted for large organizations needing customized solutions:

  • 10 Seats: Perfect for big teams, boosting teamwork and productivity..
  • Unlimited Projects: Freedom to manage an endless number of projects, regardless of traffic volume.
  • Unlimited Visit Recordings: Capture exhaustive user data for in-depth analysis.
  • Unlimited Goals & Waterfalls: Aim high with no limits on your goals and tracking.
  • Unlimited AI Insights: Enjoy endless AI-powered insights and support for deep analysis and strategy.
  • Simple Weekly Reports: Keep everyone on track and stay proactive with regular reports.
  • Full Technical & Analytical Onboarding: Get all the help you need to integrate our platform smoothly.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Have your own success guru for personalized support and strategic insights.
  • Audits with Optimization Recommendations: Regular audits to fine-tune your performance.
  • Custom Paperwork: All the documentation, just the way your business needs it.

Enterprise package is designed to provide everything a large organization needs, with a personal touch and comprehensive support.

Flexible Add-Ons: Extra Toppings 🍕 to your Subscription

Spice up your subscription with our range of flexible add-ons, designed to complement your core package. We understand that each business has unique needs. That's why we've added an array of add-ons, including technical and analytical onboarding, tool configuration, and audits, allowing you to enhance your package as needed.

Pay Your Way – Monthly or Yearly

We're all about choices. Choose between monthly or yearly payment plans. Yearly plans come with attractive discounts (2 months free!), providing more value for long-term commitments. It's all about what works for you.

Getting Started

Ready to explore our new pricing model? Head over here and see how our new packages can benefit your business.

We're thrilled to offer these changes and believe they will bring significant benefits to our users. Your feedback is invaluable, so drop us a line, share your thoughts, or just say hi at sales@cux.io (You can also use the form on the left hand side).