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Quick Wins #3 – Contact form

Kamila Kotowska


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More often than we’d like to admit, we fall into the traps of thinking: I designed it, I like it, I think it will work wonders. Unfortunately, there are only a few worse things that you can do to our business. Creating solutions checked only on ourselves, and not on our clients, has the potential of significantly reducing conversion levels or be the main reason for users’ frustration to increase. It can also yield in never seeing your customers again – and they’d probably even leave you without any meaningful feedback. Unless you’ll use quick wins, like the one with contact form analysis.

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Contact with the client is a priority
Quick win

Contact with the client is a priority

Our client from the metallurgical industry has recently found about the importance of building changes and introducing quick wins based on the expectations of our own customers. His goal – during the redesign of the current website – was to make it easier for customers to contact his company. Most of the large and significant orders for him were based on direct contact, so the contact form clarity was obviously his business biggest priority.

Presently – in the activities he was relatively satisfied with so far – the exposed form of contact on the customer-producer line was the form. However, the analysis of the heatmap data and the measurement of the business target fulfillment indicator showed that only 12% of customers go to the form page, and only 0.3% of them actually fill it in. In addition, the heatmap presenting the movements on the form page itself clearly showed that customers had skipped the fields with the form and their attention was drawn immediately to addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails.

Contact form heatmap in CUX

View of the heatmap presenting the customers’ attention on the page with the form shown in CUX

Quick win

Simplify the contact page

The use of an analytical tool such as CUX allowed not only to discover a problem that the entrepreneur had not known about so far, but it also led to implementation of a solution that significantly increased his conversion (in this case, direct contact with the customer). Thanks to the simplification of the contact page, customers began to find the information they needed faster and the barrier in the form of… well, a form was eliminated. Such quick and simple implementation of changes is a perfect example of the impact of quick wins on the business potential of many companies.

QUICK WINS are quick solutions that immediately respond to the needs of your online consumers. Deployments do not require significant resources, implementing takes up to maximum 60 days (although it can be implemented right then and there). Quick wins are based on the constant observation of analytics metrics and customers’ behaviors. Thanks to analytics, we’re able to choose the right solutions that allow us to make business decisions based on data, and not on the intuitions or stakeholders’ wishes.

Quick wins in brief:

  • do not require expenses (or generate only small costs)
  • carry a low risk,
  • easily accepted by business,
  • recognized on the basis of data,
  • results warranted,
  • implemented in max. 60-90 days,
  • the project team can implement them autonomously.


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