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What is a heatmap and what does it tell me?

Technically – what is a heatmap? A heatmap graphically shows users’ most significant actions on your pages. Each activity, like a click or mouse move, adds to the hotness of a given area. These actions can be, for example, clicks and mouse moves. Any recorded activity makes an area hotter. The places where users click... Read more

How to read a heatmap?

When you look at a heatmap, don’t take anything for granted. Save some time to have a profound look. Find heatmap settings and try to answer these questions: Is this the thing my users had actually seen? What does the heatmap show me exactly? Is this a mobile or desktop view? What is the resolution... Read more

Types of heatmap events and parameters

Click Click heatmaps show where your visitors click or tap. The more often they click somewhere, the hotter the area. When they click, but not too often, the area appears as cold. We aggregate clicks and taps into a single heatmap to give you an overall insight into user behavior. When you switch device type... Read more

What are grouped heatmaps?

A grouped heatmap shows you data aggregated for several pages. You can view them as regular heatmaps, but the hot and cold areas are shown for more than one page. The grouped heatmap works like a regular heatmap. You can use the same controls and settings for both types. When to use grouped heatmaps? Grouped... Read more

Automatic heatmap grouping

CUX automatically catches all parameters that appear in the page address, such as UTM, gclid, fbclid, etc. This often results in a situation in which one page (e.g. home page) can be displayed several or several times on the heatmap list. To organize the heatmaps, it is worth using the heatmap automatic grouping option. Screen... Read more

What is the difference between heatmap and link map?

yWhile observing your users’ behaviors you can spot their movements and frustrations via heatmaps. There are 4 different events that can be detected: click, rage click, move, link. What is a link map? A link map (or a linkmap) is a visual representation of your users’ interactions with links on your website (mouse clicks on... Read more