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G2 awards CUX as Europe’s High Performer in Summer 2022 Reports

Aleksandra Pyza


The G2 Summer 2022 reports have just arrived! But before we start boasting about our new badges and G2 awards, we would like to thank all of our amazing customers! Without you, we wouldn’t make it! Please, make a big shout-out to all CUXs’ users!


Each quarter, G2 reveals reports based on the voices of real software users. Those reports are generated on previous customer reviews gathered in the G2 community, social networks, and other online sources.

G2 rewards worldwide companies which provide best-in-class products and experiences for their customers. It is a combination of Satisfaction, Market Presence, and High-Quality Products!

CUX, Europe’s High Performer based on G2 Summer 2022 Reports

CUX awards, G2 summer reports 2022

CUX's G2 Summer 2022 Awards

For the Summer 2022 G2 Report, CUX has been recognized in 14 different award categories Europe High Performer, Small Business, and Mid-Market:

  • Europe High Performer Product Analytics
  • Europe High Performer Session Replay
  • Europe High Performer Digital Analytics
  • Europe High Performer Small-Business Session Replay
  • High Performer Heatmap Tools
  • High Performer Product Analytics
  • High Performer Digital Analytics
  • High Performer Session Replay
  • High Performer Small-Business Heatmap Tools
  • High Performer Small-Business Product Analytics
  • High Performer Small-Business Digital Analytics
  • Easiest To Do Business With Small-Business → Small-Business Heatmap Tools
  • Best Support Small-Business → Small-Business Heatmap Tools
  • Easiest To Do Business With → Heatmap Tools

CUX is in the TOP10 in Heatmap Tools, Session Replay and Digital Analytics

Out of all the awards, CUX has been placed in TOP10 across 8 G2 award categories based on real-time customer reviews.

Receiving awards in Best Support and Easiest to do Business categories means a lot. From the very beginning, CUX focuses on User Experience and Automation Analytics.

If you’re using CUX in your Data-Driven Business, please leave a review at G2. We’d appreciate your feedback! Your reviews help us to deliver more improvements for our users every day!

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CUX hit the jackpot in Heatmap Tools and Session Replay categories

CUX data analysis relies on business goals. Tracking user behaviors and experiences with the greatest sales potential allow for a detailed analysis of which advertising creations convert best. Conversions Waterfalls, Heatmaps, and Visits Recordings are CUX’s main features.

Heatmap Tools

Heatmaps present how users behave and experience specific landing pages, sites, and digital products. Heatmaps allow companies to make tailor-made optimizations. In G2 Summer 2022 reports, CUX has been rated as the leader in the Heatmap category for Small-Business CUX:

  • #1 for Data Quantification
  • #1 for Webpage Element Analysis

Visits recordings

As you probably know, sessions and visits are not the same. If you want to learn more about the differences, read this article.

The biggest advantage of recording visits over sessions is that you are not losing sight of your users, no matter how many tabs they might have open. From our experience, we know that customers love to have a billion of tabs, ready to view.

In G2 Reports there is no category such as Visit Replay, probably that’s the reason CUX hit the triple jackpot in Session Replay categories. In this G2 Summer 2022 Reports, CUX was rated:

  • #1 for Frustration Tracking
  • #1 for Click Tracking
  • #1 for Mouse Movement

About CUX

If you are looking for an analytics tool that can help you immediately eliminate conversion inhibits, and find your user’s pain points and frustrations, might be the answer to your prayers.

CUX is the very first UX & Analytics Automation Tool, that doesn’t hit you with numbers. The tool auto-selects data that is relevant to your business goal. With CUX you can say goodbye to DATA SPAM!

Moreover, as part of gaining new analytical skills, CUX customers can benefit from the support of our experts. After all, based on G2 Summer 2022 Reports, CUX is known as a supportive and easy-to-do Business Startup.

CUX educational offer includes:

Insight Package

CUX conducts a UX audit for you, with particular emphasis on the user’s behavior analysis.

Data-Driven Package

With a package of Insights, CUX provides 4 quarterly reports with an analysis and evaluation of changes introduced based on:

  • an audit
  • quick wins
  • implementation proposals
  • recommendations

All to increase conversions and achieve business goals.


CUX provides personalized workshops (online and offline) for entire companies or teams to increase their analytical skills.

Technical-analytical onboarding

Introduction of how to work with CUX app and learn the principles of correct qualitative analysis. At this time, we work 100% on your data. We know that practice means more than theory.

Are you ready to boost your analytical skills? Contact Marta Lipka-Krawczyk 👉!

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