CUX helped T-mobile increase conversion by 68% Learn how

Is CUX also applicable in industries other than e-commerce?

Of course! E-commerce, SaaS, internal systems, marketing pages, landing pages, B2B – any points and industries where the customer comes into contact with your digital product can benefit from analytics.
Also, we have a special offer for advertising, marketing, creative agencies, freelancers and software houses – Partner Accounts.
Partner’s benefits:
  • out-of-charge online consultation (onboarding),
  • one hour per month of technical expert consultation and Q&A,
  • agency account (unlimited client accounts managed by one),
  • free multiple customer/project testing,
  • dedicated technical support,
  • personalized pricing with several clients,
  • enable client users to see and manage their data,
  • different levels of access to the account granted to users,
  • control over customer projects (alerting system),
  • billing system adapted to individual needs (possibility of introducing various settlement entities)
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