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Analytics is the key to success in a post-pandemic reality

| September 17, 2020

In times of a crisis, reality always calls bluff, and anyone who thought that they could still avoid the digital channel can no longer do so. This was particularly noticed by many fashion businesses who missed digitization, which was a big surprise for the observers of this market. The truth is that while business is… View Article

Visits or sessions? Where is the difference?

| July 16, 2020

When analyzing a website, its users and their actions, we can look at a whole range of indicators. For example, we can analyze the number of users (how many people enter our site), conversion rates (how many people move from one place to another), sales (how many products or services have been bought by our… View Article

5 tips to make analytics easier for you

| July 3, 2020

The importance of analytics in business is no novelty in 2020. Experts say that everyone should implement analytics in their business as soon as possible (if you haven’t done so yet), companies should then try to gain as much knowledge from the data as possible, and make decisions based on numbers, not gut feelings. And… View Article

How to create and analyze event-based conversion?

| May 7, 2020

Have you ever wondered if your analytical tools setup will allow you to draw the right conclusions for your business? Have you ever looked at a bunch of data sets and had no idea what it means? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These are frequent dilemmas, and ever since the development of digital products has… View Article