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Smarter analytics

CUX allows you to quickly increase conversion, turn frustrated users into happier users and build significant market advantage thanks to pre-analysing experiences and identifying behavioural patterns. Quantifying UX, benchmarks and custom segmentation is all you need to boost your positive customer experience and increase sales.

UX Automation

CUX is the first and in fact the only UX Automation platform in the world.
What does this mean for you? CUX will recognize, detect and define the behavioural patterns of your users (Experience Metrics). Then it will show you how it influences UX with regards to your business goals and. It will also convert hard to understand emotions into easily approachable metrics.

CUX intelligent dashboard


CUX connects all the dots on the customer’s journey for you. Automate your work from raw data to making the right business decisions! With CUX you’ll never waste your time on watching too many user recordings or analysing irrelevant metrics. We alert you about what matters for your business goal and all you have to do is to implement the quick wins and watch your conversion increasing.

CUX Rage click detection

Advanced analytics within reach

There is no need to waste your time by learning how to set up GA or any other tool for advanced analytics. With having the CUX snippet implemented you’ll codelessly set up any customer’s journey in no more than just 10 minutes and you’ll see your users’ experience along the way. Moreover CUX auto-captures all events on your website – no more engaging developers, no more waiting for data to gather.

CUX Installation

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  • What is UX automation?

    UX automation is your very own time-saver and productivity booster! 😉 More precisely, it is a tool that – through machine learning for predictive analysis – allows you to recognize, detect and define behaviour patterns that indicate problems and frustration of the website/application user. Make your research process faster and more efficient by automating repetitive activities and focusing on making decisions on data-based insights tailored for your business goals.

  • What is conversion waterfall?

    It’s a visual representation of your conversion rate based on page loads and events, combined with visit recordings, enabling you to measure event-based conversion rate and find the quick wins.
    If you cannot or would not invest your (or your developers’) time into setting up your own waterfalls – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our S.W.A.T (Special Waterfall Activation Team) is at your service.

  • Can every page event be measured?

    Conversion is no longer URL-based only. With CUX you can analyse every single action no matter if it is a click, scroll, input fill, or form submit. This will enable you to precisely identify the issues at every step of the user journey.

  • Why customers drop out?

    Zooming, rage clicks, rage k-presses, chaotic movements, or constant refreshing – watch filtered recordings to uncover the patterns behind your user’s frustration and understand why people drop out at each step of the journey. Turn annoyed visitors into satisfied customers!

  • What are the experience metrics?

    The very data you need to understand why your users sometimes throw tantrums and how unexpected frustration kills your conversion. Those metrics will help you determine the breaking points on your users’ journey and make sure they’re to be avoided on the path to a successful sale.
    Thanks to Experience Metrics you’ll see rage clicks, rage key presses, zooming content or chaotic mouse movements. This will allow you to analyse what pisses your users off. Often, it is data that will bring more constructive conclusions rather than analysing many positive recordings and the best part is it can be connected with CUX Alerts!

  • Why do I need heatmaps and recordings?

    You can experience ravishing “AHA! moments” by watching real-time or replayed visits on your page and analysing heatmaps for single pages, group pages or single page apps. Going through heatmaps and recordings will not only help you understand what interest and irritates your customers the most, but will also allow you to make informed decisions based on actual users’ habits and behaviours.

  • How to read my data?

    Don’t worry! We would never leave you clueless and at your wits’ end! You can sign up for a free webinar explaining the proper and efficient use of or contact our support team, ready to walk you through any difficulties.


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