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What is a refreshing?

Refreshing as a sign of experience deterioration occurs when someone reloads the page right after it has loaded, or keeps reloading the page one time after another in very short intervals. As refreshing, we consider at least 3 page loads in the time less than or equal to 5000 ms.

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Why people refresh my website?

  1. Some page elements haven’t loaded correctly or at all (like photos, graphics, links etc.).
  2. Visitors hope to see the misplaced or misaligned parts of the page in their proper place.
  3. The page loads too slowly.

Where can I track refreshing?

On the dashboard
On the dashboard, you will see a whole range of data related to your main goal (see: Building your custom Goals). We have prepared a special widget that shows the number of visits during which the content was refreshed. You should see this tile by default on your dashboard. You can click this tile and land on the Visits page that shows all recordings and heatmaps with refreshing the content.

Experience Metrics on dashboard CUX

Experience Metrics on the dashboard

Remember that in the dashboard, you will only see visits that meet your main Goal. This won’t reflect all visits with refreshing on your site!

When you filter or watch visits
You can filter the list of visits and use a “Refreshing” as a parameter. To see visits where refreshing happened:

  1. Go to Visits.
  2. Click Open filters.
  3. Find the Patterns section.
  4. From the patterns list, select Refreshing.
  5. Click Apply to see the list of select recordings.
  6. The list of recordings automatically updates. You can then click Play for each visit to find out where exactly the user problem occurs.
Filtering recordings in cux

You can filter the list of visits and use a “Refreshing” as a parameter.

Tip: Each recording has a color marker below the player timeline. You can fast-forward the recording to see the details.

In the Experience Metrics section

In the app, you will also find the Experience Metrics section, where you will see all visits (not only those achieving your Goal, such as on the dashboard), in which a given user frustration occurs: zooming, rage click, rage key presses, chaotic movement or refreshing.



How do I know the user experience on my website isn’t good?

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