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User experience on the web

How do I know the user experience on my website isn't good?

There are several indicators of negative visitor experience during a visit. The most common effects of bugs, errors, or design flaws are frustration and disorientation. What do users do in such cases? Based on our continual analysis of user behavior on numerous web pages, we can point at 4 major patterns: Zooming Rage clicking and... Read more

Tracking individual user activity on a website

If you are interested in the context of a single customer, or you want to follow the exact customer journey of a specific user, you can track the history of their behavior.  How do I track individual user activity on a website with CUX? You can filter visits for individual users in two ways. Log... Read more

What is zooming?

Users zoom their view to get a closer look at page elements that appear too small or unreadable on mobile devices. “Unreadable” can mean a lot of things, the most obvious are a too small text or images that cannot be enlarged. In brief, frequent zooming on your pages means that they aren’t accessible enough.... Read more

What is a rage click?

If you were to imagine a rage click, think of something like this: click, click, click, clickclickclickclickclick… and nothing happens. Rage click shows where people click numerous times and get no computer response. In effect, they experience something that’s referred to as computer rage — the state of anger and angered actions directed against computers.... Read more

What is a rage key press?

You already know what state of computer fury drives people to rage clicking (See: What is a rage click?). Well, we’ve got bad news for you. Rage key pressing is the next level of it… Rage key pressing is another case of computer rage, similar to rage clicking, but occurs when people quickly and chaotically... Read more

What is a refreshing?

Refreshing as a sign of experience deterioration occurs when someone reloads the page right after it has loaded, or keeps reloading the page one time after another in very short intervals. As refreshing, we consider at least 3 page loads in the time less than or equal to 5000 ms.   Why people refresh my... Read more

What is a chaotic movement?

Users make a lot of mouse movements during a single visit. They’re moving the mouse cursor in different directions. Often the cursor follows their gaze when, for example, they are reading a text. You can observe that in the visit recordings. When the cursor trace does not seem to go along a logical path or... Read more