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Enable URL recording in Google Analytics integration

URL recording in Google Analytics is a single-click solution that will enable CUX to push recordings’ URL to your Google Analytics account. If a particular visit catches your eye in Google Analytics, you’ll be able – with just one click – to see this visit’s recording in CUX.

This CUX feature allows you to deepen your user behavior analysis. Moreover, you’ll expand the quantitative analysis picture you get from GA.

Enabling URL recording integration

To enable URL recording in Google Analytics integration, log in to CUX and go to Integrations. Find the URL recording in Google Analytics tile and enable integration.

URL recording in Google Analytics integration

Recording URL integration with Google Analytics enabled. It’s a matter of clicking a single switch.

Everything works in an instant!

Watching visits that caught your eye in Google Analytics

To watch a visit for a particular user from Google Analytics in CUX you need to:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Go to Audience > User Explorer.
  3. Chose and click a Client ID for the visit that you want to examine. The list updates automatically, showing all the visits a specific person paid to your pages.
  4. If you want to see a specific visit recording in CUX, expand a list of given visit, select the one that generated an event and click a link transferring to the CUX application. If the link does not work, copy it and paste it into the browser tab.
URL recording in Google Analytics integration

You will only see recordings for visits that have generated events (like rage click or refreshing), not for visits with page loads.

NOTE: If a given user uses a plugin to block ads and analytical tools (such as AdBlocker), you will not see recordings from his/hers visits.


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