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General instructions for CUX code installation

Introduction CUX code is necessary to connect your site and CUX. The code makes sure the CUX database is always up to date and has the relevant pieces of information about visits, clicks, and visitor data. This is the only way to connect your site and CUX. When CUX script is operational on your site,... Read more

Install CUX code with Google Tag Manager

You can install the CUX code using Google Tag Manager (GTM). This is the least troublesome and the fastest method to see data in CUX. If your site already has the GTM code implemented, you can gather insights in minutes. Installation via GTM saves you the woes of navigating through the code or admin panel... Read more

Browser recommendations for CUX app

Your visitor browsers and recording visits These are the browsers that we can record: Desktop  ✔️ Chrome 30+ ✔️ Firefox 27+ ✔️ Edge 13+ ✔️ Opera 23+ ✔️ Safari 7.1+ Mobile  ✔️ Mobile Safari iOS 9+ ✔️ Mobile Chrome iOS 9+ ✔️ Latest Chrome and Firefox on Android When your visitors use an unsupported browser,... Read more