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Is CUX collecting data in real time?

 YES. For all projects with the total number of live recordings below 10k.  NOT REALLY. For projects with more than 10k recordings: dashboard regenerates every night, the recordings list is refreshed in about 15 minutes, goal conversion is recalculated hourly, goal edition/creation is calculated immediately (real-time). What’s more: CUX is capable of retroactive analysis which means we... Read more

Can I identify users by setting special user ID?

Yes, of course! To identify users by special ID you can use a method in your application’s code to send custom parameters to CUX. When you’ll do that, a new icon will appear on the CUX visits list. _cux.send(‘identity’, [‘’, params]);   where “params” might be a string, for example “John Doe”, or object where... Read more

What is retention (in pricing)?

Retention is the period for which your data is available at CUX. This means that if the package you selected has 1 month of retention, both heatmaps, funnels and recordings will be available only from this period, and all older ones will be deleted. By default, you can choose in our pricing 5 retention models:... Read more

What are the limitations of trial version?

The trial version has no functional limitations. The trail contains ALL functionalities of our tool available on paid subscription. It allows you to observe how the collected data sample affects the Experience Metrics.  You’ll alsoe see your users’ frustration and your conversion level. Our trial has no expiration date – the determinant here is the... Read more

What is a retroactive analysis?

At CUX, we conduct retroactive analysis. It means that we collect data all the time, and you can go through it at your convince. We are able to show you your Customers’ Journeys or Conversion Waterfalls ever since you’ve added our code to your website. Why is this groundbreaking? For example, you can check the... Read more

Why set up Waterfalls if we have already set up Goals?

The Goal gives you an overview for all the paths/journeys the user can take to match the Goal. In Waterfall, you’ll get specific, detailed, step-by-step data for some important parts of this journey. For example for some registration form or checkout.

How to integrate CUX with a store based on Shoper or Shopify?

To integrate our tool with your store, you need to add the CUX code to the website code – exactly the same as with Google Analytics. If you use Google Tag Manager, you can also use this integration option. See, Enable Google Tag Manager integration.

Is CUX also applicable in industries other than e-commerce?

Of course! E-commerce, SaaS, internal systems, marketing pages, landing pages, B2B – any points and industries where the customer comes into contact with your digital product can benefit from analytics. Also, we have a special offer for advertising, marketing, creative agencies, freelancers and software houses – Partner Accounts. Partner’s benefits: out-of-charge online consultation (onboarding), one hour per month... Read more