TechCrunch Top Pics '19
999€ excl. Tax/VAT

In these workshops, CUX CEO Paulina Walkowiak presents a crash course in everything your teams need to know to ensure that your digital products are human-centric by focusing on how users behave online. By focusing on the human experience, teams get to grips with qualitative and quantitative data and take their first steps towards shaping products that put your customers first.

  • Understand the kinds of data you need to become a HX pro
  • Take your first steps in analysing HX data and designing solutions
  • Work with real example data sets
  • How to squeeze the most out of CUX
  • Where and how to find the right insights you need on CUX
  • How to merge the data from CUX with other sources
  • How to prepare reports effectively for product team and managers
  • How to use CUX for remote user tests
  • How to be a HX hero!