TechCrunch Top Pics '19
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These workshops bring together the expertise offered in the NAME OF HX HERO bootcamp with your company’s real-world examples. This is an extremely hands-on workshop where participants work on real company issues and investigate how to implement changes using the Human Experience toolkit. Including all the element of the NAME OF THE HX HERO bootcamp session and tailoring the data, examples and exercises to current company challenges means that these workshops equip teams to work effective with HX ideas, work effectively with CUX all while spending the session working on real solutions to product problems. This expert-led bootcamp is our more highly-tailored and practical bootcamp for teams that want to start putting HX into practice immediately!

  • Understand the kinds of data you need to become a HX pro with examples from within the organisation
  • Take your first steps in analysing HX data and designing solutions
  • Work in teams to develop HX solutions to current problems
  • How to squeeze the most out of CUX
  • Where and how to find the right insights you need on CUX
  • How to merge the data from CUX with other sources
  • How to prepare reports effectively for product team and managers
  • How to use CUX for remote user tests
  • Understand how HX thinking can be applied across your products